1849 Brand Campfire "Flavor" Sauce, 5 oz.

1849 Brand

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1849 Campfire Hot Sauce, a wonderful, natural flavor sauce founded in the culinary traditions of the great outdoors.

So, what is 1849 Campfire Sauce? It's the sauce you can pass around to everyone thanks to its mild heat level and fantastic flavor.

1849 Campfire Brand Hot Sauce can be enjoyed on all foods cooked outdoors -- hot dogs, burgers, burritos, tacos, and veggies.

1849 Campfire Brand Hot Sauce is mild, and full of intense concentrated flavor. We use in on our burritos, and it goes fast!

Our children love it and insist we have it on the table for their eggs and tacos.

Any way you try it, 1849 Campfire Hot Sauce is a crowd pleaser!

Truth be told, the first time I tasted 1849 Campfire Hot Sauce, I thought it tasted just like Taco Bell's mild sauce!

1849 Campfire Brand Hot Sauce -- when all-natural wasn't a choice, but a way of life!


Size: 5 ounces