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Andy's Rubs

Andy's Rub, 11 oz.

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I met Andy the same day I met Andy's Rub. Andy's jovial and positive personality immediately told me I may have a winning rub in my hands.

At first, Andy's Rub struck me as an odd item. Odd, that is, until I tried it on the beef I was BBQing.

Andy, it turns out, is a career meat guy. He's worked all his life in the beef business, and knows beef through and through.  I'm not going to say he was at Harris Ranch for forty years, as that may be one of those 'need to know only' facts.  And Andy is sensitive. So cone of silence, OK?

But when I say, half-joking, "Andy knows meat", I'm also half-serious. He really knows his meat, and he knows how to make meet shine!

The San Jose Mercury News held a Rub Taste-Off, and Andy's Rub won top honors

Says The Mercury News,

"A jar of this and a hunk of protein is all you need to guarantee a great meal. It’s a perfect blend of herbs and earthy spices that gives food a gentle, lingering heat. It also has a touch of cornstarch that helps seal the protein, making for a more juicy bite."

Andy is decidedly more modest in his description of his own rub. He describes his rub as a well-balanced blend of the highest quality herbs & spices. That's how he describes the best flavor-in-a-bottle available. Modesty.

A San Francisco Bay Area local favorite, this versatile spice blend is all-natural, contains no MSG, and is gluten-free.

In actual fact, Andy's Rub makes meat shine. And not just meat!  Veggies, salads, soups, and sprinkled appetizers all benefit from the flavor boost Andy's Rub offers.

You will love Andy's Rub as much as you would love the man if you met him.  His flavor is as big as his personality.

Size: 11 ounces. Also comes in an 7 ounce and 21 ounce bottle.

Ingredients: So so so good, but ya, secret. Gluten-Free. No MSG.

"Andy’s Rub is not just another spice in the cabinet, it is THE spice for all dishes! My husband complains when it runs low because he can’t stand the idea of grilling without it. I am thrilled to now be able to order on the internet and have given my southern friends a new way to enjoy their meats and chicken. Thank you for making this possible! We are fans forever!!"

"I’ve never had meat cooked by Andy that wasn’t amazing; I’ve never had meat cooked by Andy that wasn’t rubbed with his signature rub. This is not a coincidence."

"I’m not the kind of person that cooks in the kitchen. I love to BBQ! But my biggest problem was finding a good, flavorful rub. Well problem solved, with Andy’s Rub. No more shopping for spices!!"

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