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Wildeats Controlled Burn Chili Blend, the spice blend that made the Bohemian Elk Chili famous, 3 oz.

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Specifically designed by Chef John McGannon to add that extra kick to all your big game chili, WildEats Controlled Burn Chili Blend tastes wonderful on beef, vegetables, fish, chicken, pork, and lamb.

Controlled Burn is the very spice blend that made the "Bohemian Elk Chili" so famous, and if you've been to the Bohemian Grove and tasted the Elk Chili, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about!

A blend of select herbs, spices & five exotic dried chilies from South and Central America makes this the complete chili seasoning.

WildEats Controlled Burn Chili Blend adds a delicate balance of heat, richness and earthy flavors to your hearty chili. Just rub it on your sauteed items for a touch of the old Southwest.

Each 3 oz. resealable pouch will season up to 10-15 lbs. of meat.

Bulk Sizes Available for Restaurants, Caterers, and Grill Masters everywhere!

Size:3 oz. resealable pouch (Also available in 40 ounce restaurant bulk pack.)

Ingredients: Blended imported dried chilies, masa harina, salt, other natural flavorings. All natural, no preservatives, no additives.


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