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Gilles Hervy

Gilles Hervy Sel Gris Sea Salt, 16 oz.

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If you weren't looking for Sel Gris, or 'Gray Salt', consider yourself lucky you found this page!

The sea salts of Guérande in Brittany, France, have been celebrated for their fine flavor since salt harvesting began in its marshes more than 1,200 years ago.

Gilles Hervy hails from Guérande, which is considered the best and most prestigious salt-producing location in all of Europe. Gilles hand-harvests the salt himself, overseeing the entire process.  He possesses an unshakeable ethical stance.

Harvested daily throughout the summer, weather permitting, Gilles Hervy Sel Gris (or gray salt) retains its original moisture, grey color and briny taste. This natural, unprocessed salt is made of the layer just under the top layer of salt, called the Fleur de Sel (the "flower of salt").  The Sel Gris crystals are coarse and moist and give off a clean ocean scent

My great friend, gourmand French artisan food expert Kitty Keller discovered Gilles and his wonderful salt in 1997.  I owe most of my knowledge of food and culture to Madame Keller.  She has been the exclusive importer of Gilles Hervy artisan salt since then.  I had the honor of meeting Mr. Hevry and hosting a dinner in his honor with Madame Keller here in San Francisco during his only trip to the USA.

We do everything we can to support this real, local artisan who continues this long, hard, labor-intensive tradition, and by buying and enjoying his salt, you will too!

Use Gilles Hervy's Sel Gris salt in soups, roasts, and when baking bread. Fabulous on all manner of grilled meat, the large crystals rub nicely into a great steak or chicken cutlet.  Like the Fleur de Sel, you can blend the Sel Gris into mashed potatoes for a crunchy burst of flavor. Sel Gris is used anytime you are reaching for salt while cooking, brining, salting, or baking.

Keep in mind this is a cooking salt.  I would also recommend you try my lovely Marisal Hand-Harvested Sea Salt. Are you looking for a finishing salt?  Then do not miss Gilles Hervy's Fleur de Sel.  Both are available here.

The taste of Gilles Hervy's salts are a complex balance of the sea and her minerals, and once you try them, you will have a hard time going back to regular Morton's or Kosher salt -- that's for sure!

: 16 ounces

Ingredients: Atlantic Sea Salt. (only!)

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