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Valrhona Chocolate, Bulk 3 kg bags

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Valrhona Bulk chocolate for baking, chefs, and home use.

Each bag contains 3 kg, (6 lbs. 9 oz.) of incredible Valrhona French Bulk Chocolate in little 'feves' or round pieces.

Flavor choices included:

  • 35% Ivoire: Incredible Valrhona White Chocolate
  • 40% Jivara Lactee: Forasteros-type cocoa beans, Creamy Valrhona Milk Chocolate
  • 55% Equatoriale Noire Valrhona Dark Chocolate
  • 55% Les Perles Croquantes Valrhona Chocolate Pearls with Crunchy Centers
  • 61% Extra Bitter Valrhona Chocolate
  • 64% Manjari Madagascar beans, Dark Grand Cru Valrhona Chocolate
  • 64% Tainori Dominican beans, Dark Grand Cru Valrhona Chocolate
  • 66% Caraibe: Sweet Dark Grand Cru Valrhona Chocolate
  • 70% Guanaja: Bitter Dark Grand Cru Valrhona Chocolate
  • 72% Araquani: Venezuelan beans, Dark Grand Cru Valrhona Chocolate
  • 80% Coeur de Guanaja: Lower in cocoa butter so it can be used in ice cream, creme brulé, etc., it is a specialized chocolate used slightly differently than a couverture.
  • 85% Abinao: Bitter, sophisticated, and strong blend of African beans with a bitter flavor and an intense aftertaste. A true couverture.

A note about pricing: Each Valrhona is priced differently.  The best value is the 55% and our 61% Extra Bitter. This is a lot of chocolate!

Use Valrhona chocolate for snacking, for baking, and for cooking.

Valrhona chocolate is known the world over as the best chocolate for the home chef or the serious chef.

A note about prices: The Valrhona chocolate here is an incredible value. Cocoa prices have gone up significantly over the last few months, but we continue to hold our prices to as low as possible. Save when you get 3 or more bags (mixed flavors fine).


Melting during shipping:

Customers understandably express worry that the chocolate might melt during the shipping. We try to reduce or eliminate that as best possible by taking the following steps:

  • We ship expedited (1-3 day service, depending on your address)
  • We check the weather map to see what the temperature is at your place and on the way, and if things are looking super hot, we will include ice packs and try to insulate the chocolate.
  • What if it melts anyway?  So if the chocolate melts, this is actually NOT a problem - there will be no loss of quality. These are baking chocolates, and as such, you will be melting them anyway.  A chocolate that has melted and then become solid again has NOT lost any quality, and when you melt it again, it will be exactly as it was - a lovely, luscious chocolate. Heck, even Valrhona does this!



Will the chocolate melt en-route? Frank S., Philadelphia, PA

We pack to please, and we ship via express to minimize the transit time. Depending on the location and time of year, we will include freezer packs at no extra charge. Yes, we have had moments where some of the chocolate has melted on its way to our customers, but because this is baking chocolate, and because it is tempered, even if the chocolate melts en-route, it has not lost any quality, and when you re-melt it to use it, it will be good to go without any loss of quality.

Is the Valrhona chocolate tempered? Laura B., Daly City, CA

Yes, Laura, the Valrhona is expertly tempered.

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