Acclaim English Malt Vinegar, 1 Gallon


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Our Acclaim English Malt Vinegar is an essential addition to any chef’s kitchen.

Popular for seafood dishes, like fish and chips, or on meat, macaroni, and bean salads.

Our dark, full-flavored English malt vinegar is a versatile cooking tool used to cook many exciting traditional and modern recipes.

Originally made in the High Middle Ages in Britain from unhopped malt ale and called “alegar,” English malt vinegar is more mild, sweet, and full of complex flavors than plain white vinegar and has a darker, more rich taste than wine vinegars.

Acclaim English Malt Vinegar is a must-have condiment for fish and chips, a key ingredient in a wide range of dishes, and a great way to add flavor to savory foods.

Did I mention Fish & Chips?

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