Acclaim Red Wine Vinegar, 1 Gallon


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Our Acclaim Red Wine Vinegar stands out as one of the top red wine vinegars for professional kitchens.

Brewed from a blend of quality ingredients like California red wine vinegar grapes, this product has the classic, rich taste of organic red wine vinegar.

With commercial sizing and gourmet quality flavor, we’re proud to offer a premium red wine vinegar that doesn’t force you to compromise between value and taste.

Cooks have used red wine vinegar for thousands of years and historians date its origin as a product of wine grapes as far back as 8000 BCE. Originally created by adding a vinegar bacterial culture to red wine, red wine vinegar has been used as a condiment, preservative, and even a beverage throughout history.

Today, this ancient ingredient is used in French cuisine to help caramelize sugar; as a base for red wine vinegar salad dressing and vinaigrettes, as a strong, flavorful marinade for dark and light meats, and as a substitute for other vinegars.