Lazy Kettle Brand Liquid Smoke, 5 oz.

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Lazy Kettle Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke. No sodium. No soy sauce. Nothing artificial.

Pure smoke! Did we mention this was salt-free?

Our concentrated liquid smoke is unique. Lazy Kettle Brand All-Natural Liquid Smoke's rich hickory flavor adds a wonderful, smoky flavor to all your favorite foods.

When would you use liquid smoke? If you are cooking indoors, but want the flavor of the open grill, just add a few drops of smoke on your meat. Perfect for Crock-Pot Cooking, a drop in the bean dip will add a wonderful flavor. We use it in ketchup for our burgers. Guys that like making beef or venison jerky use our smoke in the seasoning.

When you make your marinade, use Lazy Kettle Liquid Smoke for that out-of-doors flavor. Add some to your store-bought BBQ sauce, marinade, or dressing.

You can use it whenever a rich, hickory smoke flavor is desired.

Lazy Kettle Liquid Smoke is real smoke, and all-natural. Wonderful stuff!

Salt Free, and Junk Free!

Suggested Uses for our Lazy Kettle Liquid Smoke:

  1. Add a few drops to marinades or barbecue sauce for a smoky flavor without having to use a smoker or grill.
  2. Use it to enhance the flavor of slow-cooked meats, such as pulled pork, beef brisket, or ribs.
  3. Mix it with mayonnaise, sour cream, or cream cheese for a smoky dip or spread.
  4. Add it to chili, soups, or stews for a smoky depth of flavor.
  5. Use it to flavor roasted or grilled vegetables, such as eggplant, zucchini, or peppers.
  6. Add it to homemade salad dressings for a smoky twist on classic flavors.
  7. Use it to flavor homemade jerky, whether it's made with beef, turkey, or other meats.
  8. Mix it with butter or olive oil to brush on corn on the cob, potatoes, or other grilled or roasted vegetables.
  9. Use it to add a smoky flavor to homemade barbecue potato chips or popcorn.
  10. Add it to cocktails for a smoky twist on classic drinks, such as a smoky margarita or old fashioned.


Size: 5 ounces (147 ml)

Ingredients: Natural Liquid Smoke. That's it. Nothing else. Just smoke. Really?  Yes, really.

Gluten Free.


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