Marisal Hand-Harvested Pacific Sea Salt, 22 lb. Restaurant Size

Marisal/Dos Soles

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Marisal Sea Salt is harvested by hand, not machines, and is dried naturally by the tropical sun of the Pacific. Harvested in Colima, Marisal Sea Salt is the work of los salineros and the generations before them.

In the kitchen, Marisal's balance of natural minerals and sodium are perfectly balanced to elevate every dish. Raked from beds and dried only by the sun, these salt crystals are easily broken between the fingers or, left whole, works wonderfully as a finishing salt.

Restaurants throughout the USA use Marisal exclusively as their salt of choice. One taste and you will realize that they have uncompromising taste!

Truly, you will not want any other salt. I use this salt every day -- it is a staple at my casa, and every one of my friends who has tried it by accident or because I sent them a bag now won't use any other salt. I use mine in my sourdough, with my hard-boiled breakfast egg, and whenever my recipe calls for a pinch or dash of salt!

Sourced exclusively and directly from co-operatives that began in the 1920's, this salt ensures a higher standard of living for every hand that touches our product.

The Colima co-operative was formed to ensure the harvesting continues the artisanal methods of harvesting and gives everyone a fair price for their hard work.

Enjoy Marisal in every dish, any time.

Marisal Hand-Harvested Sea Salt -- Consciously Sourced, and Wonderfully Flavorful.

: 22 pound (10 kilogram) bag. Also available in 300 gram and 2.2 pound bags and 0.5 ounce tins.

Ingredients: Sea salt, lovingly hand-harvested from clean, fresh Pacific ocean water.

Kosher Certified.