Tophé Pure Rice Bran Oil, 12.7 oz.


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Tophé 100% Rice Bran Oil -- the finest vegetable oil available.

Made from 100% pure rice bran, Tophé Rice Bran Oil has a smoke point of 490 degrees F, higher even than grapeseed oil.

Why do we care about smoke-point?  Oils break down when they smoke, imparting bad flavors into the food, and creating noxious chemicals. W

ith the high-heat capabilities of Tophé, no breaking down means crisp, clean oil cooking your foods, without undesireable flavors. This is the reason Tophé Rice Bran Oil is the secret to high-end tempura, and other frying operations.

Tophé Rice Bran Oil is ideally suited for high heat cooking. Foods won't stick to the grill, and the oil won't smoke, allowing for the natural flavors of the food to come through.

Use Tophé Rice Bran Oil to grill, barbecue, stir-fry, sear, or broil. Tophé is perfect for deep frying and making Japanese tempura, french fries, or fried fish.

Because Tophé has a clean taste, and because Tophé doesn't have an oil mouth-feel, Tophé Rice Bran Oil is wonderful when used in baking, in salad dressings, or whenever a clean, healthy oil is required.

Tophé is also available in half-gallons and 35 lb jibs (5 gallon containers) for restaurants or when more oil is needed.

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Size: 12.7 ounce glass bottle

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil. Our Rice Bran Oil is Non-GMO and 100% US origin.


Where can I buy Tophé Rice Bran Oil? Below is a very abbreviated list of some of our favorite retailers!


Granzellas Deli, Williams, CA

Mill Valley Market, Mill Valley, CA

Whole Foods Markets

Connecticut  Tri-City Chiropractic, Vernon-Rockville, CT

Florida New Leaf Market, Tallahassee, FL

New Jersey Hudson Greene Market, Jersey City, NJ

New York Green Grape Provisions, Brooklyn, NY

Washington Town & Country Market, Bainbridge Island, WAWhole Foods Markets

Oregon Whole Foods Markets

Wisconsin Roots and Legends, Racine WI


In Canada, give our friends at Ontario Limited a call: 519-718-4869 or
email Jim at terdik@xplornet.caLet us add your store to this list! Shoot us an email.