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Tophé Rice Bran Oil, 1/2 Gallon

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"Dear Honestfoods. Sure, Rice oil is great. But a bottle is not enough, and a 5 gallon box is too much. Don't you have a more convenient size? Sincerely, Jan M., Central, NE"

Yes, Jan, we now have Rice Bran Oil in 1/2 gallons, either singly or save even more when you buy 2 or more half gallon containers.

Tophé Rice Oil works incredibly in the kitchen, but did you know many of our customers use our oil for soap making? Women who use Rice Oil in Japan are called 'rice bran beauties', as the oil has anti-wrinkling qualities.

Tophé Rice Oil has also been shown to lower cholesterol and open clogged coronary arteries in research! Really!  I'm happy to share the actual research.

Performance horses, geriatric tigers, and even show dogs also use our Tophé Rice Oil. Why? Because Tophé helps improve coats, making them bright and shiny.  Tophé also helps hooves, and nails. For geriatric horses, our oil also helps them keep weight on.

We also Tophé Rice Bran Oil in 12.7 ounce glass bottles and 5 gallon containers.

The Tophé Rice Oil has naturally higher Vit E and Gamma-Oryzanol content than the other brands of rice vegetable oils. Why? Because our oil is minimally processed and non-winterized.

Tophé -- the hazy oil!  We leave the good stuff in.


Size: 64 ounces (1/2 Gallon)

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil. Nothing else. Our Tophé Rice Bran Oil is Non-GMO.


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