Wok Mei Hoisin Sauce, 64 oz

Wok Mei

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Restaurants & Food Service Professionals: We supply some of the best restaurants in the country with Wok Mei Hoisin Sauce.

Hoisin Sauce is our absolute favorite, and Wok Mei Hoisin Sauce is the best tasting one we've tried. We aren't biased - we love it.

A clean Hoisin Sauce? Is that even possible? You bet! No junk, just 100% natural ingredients.

What Wok Mei Hoisin Sauce does have, however, is a rich, authentic Chinese Hoisin flavor!

We use it as a dipping sauce for our chicken.

Traditionally, this is used with Mu-Shu Pork, and is know as the Chinese BBQ Sauce.

We spoon it on our rice, our baked potatoes, and we use it instead of ketchup for our fries.

Ok, we admit we are hooked on this. We might be a tad biased.

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Gluten Free

Size: 8 ounces

Ingredients: Miso (soybeans, rice, salt, koji starter), dried cane syrup, sesame oil, distilled vinegar, natural corn starch, caramel color, soy sauce (soybeans, salt), spices, garlic.

No MSG, no sodium benzoate, no modified corn starch. We even use evaporated cane juice rather than sugar!