1849 Brand Garlic & Basil Pasta Sauce, 34 oz.

1849 Brand

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In 1849, pasta sauce was clean, natural, fresh, and delicious, just like our 1849 Garlic & Basil Pasta Sauce.

1849 Garlic & Basil Pasta Sauce, the best of pasta sauce we've tasted. It is hearty, with lots of garlic and lots of basil. So yummy!!

Why 1849? Because in 1849, the average man ate pasta hot or cold, more than 10 times a week. Miners in the hills came from Northern Italy, and when they weren't digging for gold, they were cooking thier tomatoes, adding their basil, and getting the pasta ready.

The original carb-loaders, Italian miners in 1849 were better known for their cooking than their skills with the gold pans!

1849 Brand Garlic & Basil Pasta Sauce -- when natural wasn't a lifestyle choice, but a way of life!


Size: 34 ounces