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Giusto's High Performer High Protein Unbleached Bread Flour, 25 lb. Bag

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Giusto's High Protein Bread Flour, known to professional bakers as High Performer, is a high-protein flour ideal for breads and buns.

Clocking in at 13-13.5% protein, High Performer Bread Flour is rich in gluten for that ideal loaf.

Used by professional bakers and home cooks alike, Giusto's High Protein High Performer Bread Flour will impress you! You will love the way this bread flour develops into incredible loaves at home or at work.

At all phases of bread-making, from the initial autolyze, to the fermetation and formation, Giusto's Flour develops strong, wonderful gluten in a consistent fashion.

Whether you are trying your hand at a no-knead loaf, or have adopted the strategies of Respectus Panis (look it up if you haven't heard of this!), you can rely on Giusto's Bread Flour. Trying your hand at an Italian focaccia? Dabbling in Scottish bannocks? How about South African rusks? French baguettes? This is the bread flour for you! You will love Giusto's High Protein High Performer Bread Flour.

High Protein Unbleached Flour - Giusto's high-protein unbleached bread flour makes the finest loaves, buns and breads

Easy to use Bulk Bag - Giusto's 25 lb bag is ideal for sharing with friends and neighbors. It is perfect for the restaurant or quality baker looking to use the best flour.

25 pound bag

Ingredients: 100% Certified High Protein Wheat Flour

Guisto's is the most experienced producer of whole grain products in the Western United States. They've been milling flour since 1940.

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